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Connaught Plaza

Connaught Plaza TDI City Mohali


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Looks Salon – TDI City, Mohali

There is something about a well-dressed person that screams “POWER”. And let’s not forget that the sword becomes mightier when properly whetted. So to hone thatbeguiling beauteousness inside you we bring to your city the fastest growing world-class Salon with highly equipped professionals, trained specially to pamper you with absolute luxury of flawlessness. Ladies and Gentlemen! We bring to you theexuberant and top-notch “Looks Salon”now opened in Mohali as well.

We provide make over services from head to toe, from facials to pedicure, we have with us a team of experts who have a knack for all things FASHION! Whether it is humid monsoon, dry and chilling winters or burning hot summers, your hair and skin requirediligent professional care in addition to tons of self love, all over the year. We have for you in stock, some splendid relaxing head massages, hair spa, facial massages, full body massages, manicures and all otherservicesthat shoutsublimity at the top of their voices.You need tolisten to the voices inside your head as well, and present yourself with the comfortable elegance you truly deserve.

Don’t you waste another precious second, just get ready to jump into the shoes of perfection and walk straight over to Connaught Plaza TDI City Mohali, where we are always ready to provide you all the care and grooming you need. You can also Call us at +91 8926906000to fix an appointment.

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